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The information contained in this section has been prepared for investors and all market participants interested in the activities, development plans and results of the R.Power Group.

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Tomasz Ściesiek
Equity and Debt Origination Director
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About R. Power Group S.A.

  • R. Power Group is an independent power producer operating in the field of industrial solar power plants, both in Poland and abroad. R. Power is engaged in the full value chain of: (i) development of photovoltaic power plant projects, (ii) general contracting/construction of power plants, (iii) providing maintenance and monitoring services for power plant operation, and (iv) functioning as an independent producer of renewable energy. The Group’s portfolio covers nearly 790 MWp of fully developed projects (RtB) as of today, of which 635 MWp are currently under construction or are already producing green energy. The share of foreign projects, that accounts for more than 20 percent, is steadily increasing.

  • In recent years, the Company has developed and commercialized more than 750 MWp of power plants through auction mechanisms, and has obtained connection conditions for more than 1 GWp. The current portfolio of more than 8 GWp of projects under development is one of the largest in Europe.

  • R. Power’s strategy for 2021-2025 aims to maintain dynamic growth in the scale of activities, especially in the area of RES power generation by expanding the volume of power plants.

  • The Group’s individual projects are implemented by nearly 130 project subsidiaries. Project development services are provided by R. Power Development. In addition, general contracting and power plant construction services (EPC) for the project’s subsidiaries are provided by Nomad Electric, while Nomad Electric Services is involved in photovoltaic plant maintenance (O&M).

  • For the sake of implementing the above plans, in June 2021 the Group launched a Green Bond Program worth1 billion PLN. Bonds with a total nominal value of 450 million PLN were located among reputable institutional investors under the current program. The issues have been prepared in accordance with the Issuer’s Green Bond Framework and have a “second party opinion” from Sustainalytics.