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Healthy development and tangible benefits go hand in hand! When cooperating with R.Power, your property can earn you money while co-creating clean energy sources.

Why R.Power the best choice?



We are the most experienced company on the market. We constructed our first power plant already in 2013, as photovoltaics pioneers in Poland.



We are the largest company in the Polish photovoltaics market. We manage a considerable portfolio of projects with a total power output of over 9 GWp.


Confidence in project completion

We have already constructed over 250 power plants. By signing a contract with us, you can rest assured that a power plant will be completed on your plot of land.


Guaranteed payment

We are reliable: our projects receive guarantees of energy sale and financing from banks such as mBank S.A. or Santander Bank Polska S.A.


Comprehensive action

We develop, construct and manage power plants; that is why we always care for good relationships with our lessors.


Partnership rules

Those who sign lease contracts with us are our partners! We have already concluded 2,5 thou. property lease contracts for solar power plants with a total area of 30 000 ha. Today, over 3 000 people enjoy the benefits of cooperation with R.Power.

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Lease benefits

Become our partner in sustainable development! The construction of a solar power plant on your property will benefit both the environment and yourself. See what you can gain by leasing a property for a solar power plant:

  • A high rent paid for each hectare used for a solar power plant
  • Favourable conditions and a clear lease contract
  • All costs connected with the investment, are covered by us
  • The property will be returned to its original state once the investment is over

Contact for land owners

+48 883 350 188

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