Mission, Vision and Values - R.Power Renewables

Mission, Vision and Values

Find out what is the basis of our business and drives R.Power on the way to achieving goals and achieving success.

The Future
of Energy Today.

R.Power is an Independent Power Producer and approaches its business with a specific set of values and goals. All of employees embrace our Mission, Vision and Values as we work to meet the energy and sustainability goals.


To accelerate the world’s withdrawal from fossil fuels and transition to renewables energy.

We believe that one day we will be living in a world where no energy will be produced from fossil fuels. Our mission is to be a significant part of this revolution.

We aim to develop renewable energy projects contributing to the transformation into the emission-free, sustainable energy based planet.


To become leading international asset holder and the first choice employer in the renewables sector.

We aim to be one of the Top 10 Independent Power Producers in Europe, with strong foothold outside of Europe. We want to be the industry leader, not a follower!

We want to hold our solar assets in the long run, while delivering superior financial performance, and perfect asset and technical management.

We understand that people are the only source of our success. We aim to build an environment which attracts and retains best talents in the industry.

Our Values



We are assionate about what we do
and never quit.

We believe that there is a difference between “doing things” and “getting things done”. The only way to achieve greatness is to love what you do.

We refuse to accept or use the phrase “it cannot be done”. We understand that there are ups and downs, but we stay calm, are pro-active, and always push forward.


We take responsibility for our actions
and we let our results do the talking.

We are not afraid of making decisions. We don’t look at others for leadership – we “own” our tasks and are bold when it comes to making tough decisions.

To act is our priority and we expect tangible results and end products from ourselves. We are more afraid of staying passive than making wrong decisions.


We achieve more when we work together.

We understand that even the most talented individuals and top leaders cannot play on their own, they need a team just like everyone else. Collective power of the team results in more intellectual and managerial power.

We know how to work together. We know how to engage our colleagues, how to elevate issues and how to solve them together. But we also know just how important it is to have a strong leader who you can follow.